From a 2-man operation to a high-tech company

When Karl Fischer founded a metalworking business in Nuremberg with his son Kurt in 1929, he couldn’t have imagined that we would still be celebrating the event today with feelings of joy and respect. At that time, Karl and Kurt Fischer were dissatisfied with their financial situation. They wanted to achieve more, and took the courageous step of establishing their own business.

A number of difficult circumstances, particularly the Second World War, failed to dampen the entrepreneurial spirit of the two Fischers during the decades that followed. With a constant stream of new ideas, a great deal of energy and courageous decisions, the father and son even managed to expand their business. During the first few years of FISCHER Licht & Metall, it was the wide range of production options which gave the company its strength. From metal lettering and motor car and aeroplane parts through to household appliances, a huge variety of different products were produced - first in the former company headquarters in Nuremberg, and then, after 1943, in Mühlhausen.

While Karl and Kurt Fischer set up their business as specialists for advertising installations, they had to alter their production in the years that followed to meet changing demands. After the site in Nuremberg was completely destroyed during the war, father and son decided to expand their second operation in Mühlhausen. The move was a success: in the dawning economic miracle period, advertising installations, indoor and outdoor illumination and delivery parts for the car industry were all in demand - and with them, the comprehensive know-how offered by the Fischers. The high degree of flexibility shown by the company’s founders remains a basic principle at FISCHER Licht & Metall today.

Our awareness of this 90-year-old tradition and the high level of commitment of the 200 staff currently working for us have made FISCHER Licht & Metall a pioneering medium-sized high-tech company in Bavaria.

Today the company is already run in 4th generation by Stephan K. Fischer.

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