Why FISCHER Licht & Metall?

During the course of our 90-year company history, our two passions, LIGHT & METAL, have grown to become our 3 business sectors. At FISCHER Licht & Metall, each of these sectors can be systematically developed on an ongoing basis. You and your customers can benefit from our knowledge in these fields!

Partner in 3 business areas

Do you need a reliable manufacturer for ADVERTISING SYSTEMS?
Are you looking for qualified producers for METAL COMPONENTS?
Do you need LIGHTING SYSTEMS for public areas?
Whatever it is you have planned,  we are on hand to help.
Nowadays, decisions need to be made in double-quick time. In these fast-moving times, you need to be able to rely on a partner who guarantees continuity, is trustworthy and who understands collaboration with you as being a process of give and take. That’s what we can offer.

We live values and create values

Technology changes our lives. Progress is not possible without innovation. We possess the knowledge needed to keep up with technological developments. We promote unconventional thinking and new ideas. With our optimism, dynamism and sense of responsibility we want our customers to be enthusiastic and not just satisfied – we create products with more value!

As a family-run company, we place great value on maintaining our company culture. The basic principles, which apply to all our staff, are laid down in the FISCHER MAXIMS.

Download 2.8 MOur business principles