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15 anniversaries honored and review of a rock-solid year
Stable order situation, positive outlook and focus on digitization

15 anniversaries honored

Mühlhausen. Last Friday, the works meeting at FISCHER Licht & Metall took place. The chairwoman of the works council, Manuela Fuchs, congratulated the 15 jubilarians for their many years of service.

During the evening Christmas party in the Spitalstadl in Freystadt, managing partner Stephan K. Fischer thanked the jubilarians for their achievements and presented certificates and gifts.

"This year, a lot was moved and achieved together" Manuela Fuchs summed up the successful cooperation with the management.

"2016 was a rock-solid year and the stable order situation allows a positive outlook for 2017" expressed Stephan K. Fischer with satisfaction.

"In order to inspire our customers, it was necessary to go the one or other extra mile. This was the only way to make our success possible" he praised the commitment of the workforce.

"As the largest advertising equipment manufacturer in the region, we are also pioneers in the field of digitalization. We will also make use of this efficiency and knowledge advantage" said Stephan K. Fischer on the topic of Industry 4.0, adding, "We have some good digital ideas up our sleeve that we will implement next year."

With eight new trainees since September 2016, the trainee ratio of 12% remains in the top range nationwide. "We are countering the shortage of skilled workers with active, in-house training. By sustainably passing on the knowledge of our established specialists to our junior staff, we ensure that our innovative spirit and high product standards are maintained", the managing partner emphasized the importance of training.

The following were honored (years of service in parentheses): Sascha Hofmann (10), Lothar Krach (10), Anette Stiefler (10), Benjamin Köbl (15), Erich Mößler (15), Günter Vogl (20), Andreas Dabkowski (25), Edeltraut Bruckner (30), Werner Strizki (30), Georg Pröbster (30), Eva Bittner (30), Michael Fuchs (35), Anton Mendl (35), Hubert Bachmann (40), Klaus Bierschneider (45). Not all were present.