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What can we learn from fireflies? - Where did the first street lamps light up? - How does an LED work? - What makes a brand shine? - All questions that are answered in "ADVERTISING with Light & Metal".

Light is a food: Without light, there is no life. Advertising is a sales tool: Without advertising, no sales success. - Living advertising and sales success: Light advertising brings both together. FISCHER LICHT & METALL has more than 90 years of experience in this field. The family business from Mühlhausen in the Upper Palatinate is one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of illuminated advertising systems in Germany and Europe, and there is hardly a well-known brand that FISCHER has not yet made shine.

This book is more than a company chronicle. Entertaining and with lots of pictures, it tells the story of an entire industry - and the stories behind the story. Even insiders will discover many new and surprising things.

In one book, you will learn interesting facts on no less than four topics:

  • the world of illuminated advertising and lighting technology - from the first light beam to the present day
  • the path of a family business over four generations - from a backyard operation in Nuremberg to one of the largest producers of illuminated advertising systems
  • the place and the region where FISCHER LICHT & METALL is at home - and the people who have shaped it all
  • economy and politics - on a small scale as well as on a large scale, brought vividly closer to us

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