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8th grade students of the Knabenrealschule Neumarkt on visit.


Solid future opportunities at FISCHER Licht & Metall. 12 eighth graders were convinced of this during an exploration of various apprenticeship professions at Fischer Licht & Metall.

Production manager Benjamin Köbl welcomed the students together with their teacher Stefanie Thaben in the early morning at the company. Starting with a presentation of the company and the apprenticeships offered by FISCHER, the participants were able to get an initial overview. After a brief refreshment, a tour of the company followed, as well as a practical part in which the students produced a workpiece together with the company's trainees.

The young visitors were very interested to learn that FISCHER Licht & Metall offers a wide range of skilled trades and industrial apprenticeships. Their teacher Stefanie Thaben was also enthusiastic about the lively participation of her students. Despite a downward trend in the number of apprenticeships, the occupation of construction mechanic was very well received by the apprenticeship candidates.