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8th grade of Mühlhausen secondary school visits FISCHER Licht & Metall

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Mühlhausen. Handicraft has a future. This was recognized by 18 students of the 8th grade of the Mühlhausen secondary school with their teacher Kerstin Ibler during their visit to FISCHER Licht & Metall.

The visit began with a company presentation followed by a tour of the plant. During this tour, the participants of the 8th grade were given an insight into the industrial production of metal components as well as the handicraft production of advertising systems. Following on from this, the students were able to demonstrate their skills by making a metal souvenir.

The 8th graders were very interested in the fact that FISCHER Licht & Metall offers a variety of apprenticeships with different craft and industrial focuses. Although the number of apprenticeships in the skilled trades is falling, the occupations of construction mechanic and sign and light advertising manufacturer met with a high level of response from the participants. In order to be able to learn these professions, the application and the first impression play a very important role. There was a great deal of information on this topic, which was eagerly taken up by the future trainees.