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FISCHER watch shines in new splendour.
A landmark of Mühlhausen is back


Mühlhausen. The third generation of the fisherman's clock in Mühlhausen shines in new splendor and with a finger on the pulse of time in the fisherman's bend (at the height of Hauptstraße/branch Rocksdorfer Straße). As one of the landmarks of Mühlhausen, it is impossible to imagine the village without the 'Fischeruhr'. After the second generation stopped its services after 25 years, the local manufacturer of advertising systems and metal components FISCHER Licht & Metall replaced the previous clock with a contemporary design stele in gold.

The first clock was donated by the Fischer family in 1958 and placed on the traffic island in what was then the center of town. Thus, everyone who passed through Mühlhausen inevitably passed by this place. Stephan K. Fischer, managing partner of the family business in its fourth generation, says about the original clock: "In the 1950s and 1960s, we produced numerous large grandfather clocks as advertising media with neon in many metropolises of the world in cooperation with the Frankfurt-based company Telefonbau und Normalzeit, abbreviated to T&N. It was therefore only natural to create a clock that would be a symbol of the company's success. So it was only natural to have one of our own at the production site."

As a central meeting point, the 'Fischeruhr' found its way into the regional everyday language and became known throughout the district. After the crossroads were redesigned in 1992, the previous clock gave way to a revised version.

"This clock was a contemporary witness in the truest sense of the word. In the course of changing the name of our company from Karl Fischer Metallwarenfabrik to FISCHER Licht & Metall, the company names on the clock were exchanged," Stephan K. Fischer reviews a detail of the history of the second Fischer clock.

Last week, the next generation of the Fischer clock was installed. The body is a 3.80 meter high design stele in a noble gold tone. The F01 design of the legally protected Fdesign design line developed by the company was chosen for this. The illuminated lettering of the company name made of full acrylic in neon look is reminiscent of the neon elements of the original. In the upper third, the time shows a classic clock with a timeless white dial. "The new Fischer watch has a modern design and is kept timeless at the same time. Simply a real eye-catcher," Stephan K. Fischer explains the design requirements and proudly continues: "As one of the largest employers in the region, we have been making our mark for almost 90 years. With this local exclamation mark, we show day and night that we are on the cutting edge with our products."